Monday, January 20, 2014

My Music Featured in movie Hookman 2

Hey everyone. Two of my songs ("Lowdown Blues" and "Stop N Go Blues") off of my album "Guitar Gumbo" have been featured in a local Maryland indie horror movie Hookman 2. You can find more about the movie at

Here is a clip where my slide-blues song "Lowdown Blues"was used in the bar scene where the main character takes shots of whisky because something from the past haunts him. I personally like this clip and believe that my song "Lowdown Blues" perfectly evokes the mood the director is trying to capture.

This next scene uses my song "Stop N Go Blues." In this scene, the main character tries to assemble a team of vigilantes to take down the main villain serial killer Hookman.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013: Year in Review

Happy New Year. Hope everyone is starting off 2014 on the right track. 2013 was a busy and productive year for me. I released my second original album "Guitar Gumbo," and songs from that album like "Irish Fiddler," "Midnight Serrenade," and "Blues Bop" have become live staples and favorites at my show. In that year I also started a new bi-weekly friday residency at Viet Thai Paradise restuarant in Annapolis MD, which has been going well and receiving lots of great feedback. 2013 was also the first time I toured extensively through the East coast, through Johnson City TN, Asheville NC, Souderton PA, Philadelphia, Brooklyn NY, and Providence RI. It is always fun to explore new places and make new friends/fans.

I hope to keep booking tours in 2014, and plan to tour through the mid-west this year and explore places like Cleveland, Detroit, and the Chicago area. With 2 original albums under my belt now, I plan to pursue some licensing opportunities in 2014 to get my music into films, tv, commercials, websites, mobile apps, video games, whatever. Being an instrumental artist, there are only so many musical opportunities available to you, and licensing is one of them.