Sunday, July 24, 2011

What is Gangsta Folk Music?

About a month ago on June 25th 2011, I did an acoustic show with fellow acoustic musicians Josh Urban ( and Harris Face. I arrived at the venue, Cafe Bella located across from the 930 club, about 45min early to soundcheck and set-up my merch table. Upon arriving and meeting up with my friend Devin and his girlfriend Lauren, they both had a distraught look on their faces. I asked them what was up?

Devin told me he arrived at the venue 30min before I arrived. When he was walking to the venue, the streets were packed, as their was some sort of festival going on. As he settled in the venue and ordered some drinks, he heard "pop pop pop" noises. He thought maybe someone was firing off fireworks early as July 4th was around the corner. About 5 min later, he heard abulance sirens rushing over.

Curious, he peeked outside, and saw 5 people laying on the ground, blood gushing about, and everyone around was freaking out. Thankfully, the ambulance was there to take those victims to a nearby hospital. By the time I arrived at the venue, the streets were already cleared, the ambulances gone, the blood cleaned up, and I was totally oblivious as to what just happened outside the venue.

Later, I found out on the evening news, that there was a shootout between 2 gang members, and 5 people in the street just happened to be caught in the crossfire. This happened just right outside, literally an hour before my acoustic show was about to start. No wonder there wasn't a big turnout to that show that night. Due to these events, maybe I should start labeling my music as "Gangsta Folk" instead of "Fingerstyle Guitarist"?

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