Saturday, August 27, 2011

Studio Fun on Hurricane Day

If you live on the east coast, you know that Hurricane Irene will hit Maryland later tonite. So how did I spend today? While most people were out buying emergency supplies, boarding up windows, or hunkering down, I spent this morning and afternoon at the recording studio with a session drummer, recording tracks for my upcomming Xmas album due this year.

Yeah, I had booked this studio session a few weeks in advance, and the drummer and I were so excited to record, that were not gonna let some stupid hurricane get in our way!
What better way to get yourself in the holiday spirit and pumped to record Xmas songs, than in the hours right before a hurricane, when the rain is hitting the windows hard, the wind is blowing hard and you can hear the trees shake. Suprisingly, we positioned the mics so well that you can't hear any of the outdoors chaos in the recordings, and the drum tracks sound great. I guess a storm brewing outside really encourages you to play well :)

Of course, on the way to and from the studio, there was hardly any traffic on the highways as almost nobody was on the highways. Awesome. If you're a DC/Baltimore resident, you know that traffic around these metro areas are hellish. Unfortuantly, I saw someone got pulled over by the cops for I presume speeding. Gosh, can't the cops give this guy a break? He's probally just trying to do his emergency shopping and make it home before the hurricane.

You're probally wondering if I've done my emergency shopping yet? Nope, if the power goes out and I'm stuck in my home, all I need is my guitar. Just kidding, I already stocked up the previous night on water and canned foods.

Oh yeah, my gig tonite at Caribou Coffee is cancelled, due to, you guessed it right, the hurricane.

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