Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Favorite Austin Artists

Having lived in Austin before, people always ask me what are some good acts in Austin to check out when they're on vacation in Austin. Below I list some of my favorite Austin artists who play out on a regular basis, with a brief description each. This list is not all inclusive though, I'm sure I'm missing lots of great artist, and I'm sure lots of great talent have popped up that I missed ever since moving away from Austin.

Monte Montgomery
An acoustic rocker who's songwriting is influenced by Fleetwood Mack, but who's lead-guitar work is similar to electric shredders like Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Rhett Butler
He's a Stanley Jordan clone on electric, but also plays acoustic guitar incorporating unorthodox techniques ala Michael Hedges

Eric Tessmer
A blues-rock shredder heavily influenced by Stevie Ray. He plays a mean guitar

JT Coldfire
Another blues-rock shredder who plays a mean guitar like T-Bone Walker, but also sings with a gruff voice like Howlin Wolf

Andy Macintyre
Yet another blues-rock shredder heavily influenced by Hendrix

Redd Volkaert
An expert country picker

Junior Brown
a country/rockabilly player known for playing a double neck guitar, where one neck is a standard guitar neck, and the other is a lap steel neck

A great groovy world-beat fusion band with heavy middle-eastern and gypsy influences. Instrumentation includes nylon guitar, table, oud, sitar, standup bass, fiddle, and drums.

Eric Johnson
Grammy nominated jazz/fusion rock guitar virtuoso

Mallford Milligan
A soulful bluesy singer who's powerful voice fills up a whole room. He's like the male version of Aretha Franklin. He plays every week at Antones

Alan Haynes
Soulful blues guitarist who combines different styles of Texas blues from Stevie Ray, Johnny Winter, Albert Collins, and T-Bone Walker.

Joe Richarson Express
A gritty slide blues guitarist who plays Louisiana Delta electric blues. He also has a deep heavy baritone voice like John Lee Hooker

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